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February 11, 2020


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While 2019 marked 60 years since the Typhoon Vera, or the Isewan (Ise Bay) Typhoon, it was also a year in which Japan received a repeated battering from large-scale typhoons Faxai (Number 15) and Hagibis (Number 19). Then soon after the sta...

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Typhoon Vera of 1959, or the Isewan (Ise Bay) Typhoon as it is known in Japan, is without doubt one of the most catastrophic natural disasters the country has ever experienced, with more than 5,000 deaths to its name. It led to the enactmen...

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As if anxiously awaiting the end of the presentation on "The Forefront of Pyramid Research" by Associate Professor Yukinori Kawae of Nagoya University's Institute for Advanced Research, Professor Sei-ichiro Watanabe of the Graduate School o...

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Atsuko TSUJI

Earned B.A. in Arts, College of Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo in 1976. Joined The Asahi Shimbun Company in 1979 as a journalist and wrote many articles in science and technology area for newspaper and magazines...[read more] published by the company including editorial pieces. Knight Science Journalism Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1989 and Reuters Fellow at University of Oxford in 2014. Designated Professor of Nagoya University's Institute of International Education and Exchange since October 2016. [close]

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